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Porchester Usa have 30 years Experience in Designer Handbag Sample Making and Designer Hand Bag Manufacturing
Very well known as one of the best
manufacturers of handbags, belts
and Accessories in the USA
portchester Designer handbag manufacturer
Established Handbag Designers and New handbag Designers About Porchester USA

Portchester USA for NEW DESIGNER
We are glad and exited that you have found us and chosen us as your guide, as you come aboard on this adventure into the world of fashion! PortChesterUSA is Americas leading handbag manufacturer and developer for the fashion industry. We believe that creating new design in handbags is an art and we take it very seriously to make sure that your dream projects are fulfilled. Truthfully, What we do is no different than other manufacturers of luxury leather/fashion handbags, Accessories and belts etc. What sets us apart from others is our courteous dependable service from start to finish. From the product development, pattern making and sample making to the shipping of your merchandise can be done under one roof. We welcome new designers and their ideas. It is a full service facility. We have a team of full fledged extremely experienced professionals. Our goal at PortChesterUSA is complete customer satisfaction. We believe in quality check at every step. Fine quality and competitive prices always proved to be a successful and long term fruitful business development and relations. We can produce from 300 to 600 handbags per day. PortChesterUSA is fully equipped with the state of the art machinery. You don’t have to run around to get your trimmings made. Please fell free to call us for more information or if we could be of any help in the business.

It is not what PortChesterUSA does different, but what clearly separates us is how we do it. We totally understand the common needs all reputed brands have. Our company recognizes that time is of the essence and resources can be limited. We completely understand how important it is to deliver on time and that is why we make sure that there are no last minute disappointments. First impression is the last impression so if you really need fully equipped factory to take care of your production look no further. PortChesterUSA is the only place you need for your sample making or production needs.
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