Porchester Usa Handbag and Sample Maker and Manufacturer
Porchester Usa have 30 years Experience in Designer Handbag Sample Making and Designer Hand Bag Manufacturing
Very well known as one of the best
manufacturers of handbags, belts
and Accessories in the USA
portchester Designer handbag manufacturer
About Porchester USA

We are the Handbag Sample Maker and Manufacturers that will help you find solutions to your problems when it comes to making a line of handbags.

We are capable of offering the following services:
  1. Pattern Making for Handbags .
  2. Sample Making for Handbags .
  3. Sourcing all kind of leather, linning, Hardware and accessories etc. for Handbags
  4. Most ingridients (Raw Materials) are available for Handbags in the house.
  5. Handbags sample makers avilable.
  6. Fast turn arround for Handbag samples.
  7. Complete package from pattern making to shipping for handbags.
Excellent refrences
Over the years we have produced handbags and belts etc. for very reputed companies. One can benifit from our experiences in the industry. The references are available upon request.


We believe in MADE IN USA and that is why we manufacture in USA. Please help us bring back the industry to life in the USA. By bringing back the manufacturing to USA will help many unemployed people.
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