Porchester Usa Handbag and Sample Maker and Manufacturer
Porchester Usa have 30 years Experience in Designer Handbag Sample Making and Designer Hand Bag Manufacturing
Very well known as one of the best
manufacturers of handbags, belts
and Accessories in the USA
portchester Designer handbag manufacturer

About the president of the company

After receiving the diploma in drafting and designing in 1982 he went on to further educate him self in designing by joining Matatuck community college in Connecticut and graduated in 1983. He started his handbags manufacturing business in NYC in 1984 in a building near Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. It was a success from the begining and to date we are one of the best handbags and accessories manufacturers in the tristae area. Over the years he has produced handbags and accessories in his factory for very reputed companies.
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